ID Group

Democracy & Identity

The Identity and Democracy Group has MEPs from ten countries. The largest groups are the Italian Lega Party, the French Rassemblement National and the German AfD.

Goals of the ID Group


The ID Group tackles the democratic deficit of the EU and wants to fight for more competences for national parliaments. They should be decide to say more in the EU and results of democratically conducted referendums must be respected and adhered to.


We want national identities to be accepted, respected and protected. That is why our group opposes uncontrolled mass immigration and the entry into the EU of non-European countries such as Turkey.


Each European nation should have the right to determine its own policies according to its own needs. The EU should stop interfering in the internal affairs of its member states.


The Group rejects any attempt to impose a Europe-wide budget and direct EU taxes.


Better protection of the EU's external borders is needed. Every nation has the right to protect, control and monitor its own borders. The European Union should send illegal and criminal immigrants back to their countries of origin more effectively.
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