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Does Democracy Drown in the Swamp of the Deep State?

Dear fellow citizens, Alleged 'fact-checking portals' such as “Correctiv” have long since become an instrument for fighting opposition & democracy....

Green MEP resigns! Accusations of sexism – Greens in need of explanation

Dear fellow citizens, A few months before the upcoming EU elections, the Greens now have a major problem that they...

Representatives of the French Rassemblement National visit the ID group

🇩🇪 🇦🇹 🇨🇭 Die französische Delegation des Rassemblement national hat alle Kollegen der ID-Fraktion zu einem zwanglosen Empfang in ihre...

AI: Utopia or digital hell? – Why the AfD abstained from voting on the EU Artificial Intelligence Act

Dear fellow citizens, Last week, the EU Parliament voted on the new AI law, the "Artificial Intelligence Act" (AIA). Its...
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