9. April 2023

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Dear fellow citizens,
Dear fellow campaigners and highly appreciated freethinkers,

at Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Christ as a symbol of the victory of life over death. Let us celebrate this victory together with our friends and families; those families that have always been the nucleus of life and the foundation of every larger community. Family is also the natural stronghold that easily resists any poisonous ideology, any elitist hunger for power, and any encroaching government. We should always be aware of this important message so that our children can continue to live in freedom and self-determination.

I wish you and your families a happy Easter and sunny holidays amongst your loved ones. 🐣🐰🎀

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)

➡️ P.S.: See/hear you again next week with new, exciting reports and videos from the EU Parliament as well as the COVID Special Committee.


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