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Germany-wide action day - 05.03.2022 - Healthy without compulsion

This Saturday, on 05 March 2022, we will all take to the streets together! The Alternative for Germany calls for a Germany-wide day of action for freedom and against compulsory vaccination, against the division of our society and against further curtailment of our fundamental rights.

I will support my colleagues in Northern Germany on this great day of action. We show the Corona administration starting from 13:00 o'clock in NEUMÜNSTER at the Rudolf Weissmann place who's really running the show.

Join us and let's set a sign together for freedom and solidarity.

Other demonstrations will take place simultaneously throughout Germany:

MÜNCHEN / Königsplatz / 14 Uhr
DÜSSELDORF / Johannes-Rau-Platz (Landtagswiese) / 14 Uhr
DRESDEN / Altmarkt / 14 Uhr
HANNOVER / Platz der Göttinger Sieben / 15 Uhr
WIESBADEN / Reisinger Anlage (vor dem Hbf.) / 14 Uhr
MAGDEBURG / Domplatz / 14 Uhr
REUTLINGEN / Bürgerpark (Manfred-Oechsle-Platz) / 15 Uhr
SCHWERIN / Alter Garten / 14 Uhr
NEUMÜNSTER / Rudolf-Weißmann-Platz / 13 Uhr

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Germany-wide action day - 05.03.2022 - Healthy without compulsion

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