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SOS Australia - I stand with you!

Dear citizens of Australia -

Your SOS call for the revival of democracy has reached me. I am a German member of the EU-Parliament and with my response to your SOS I declare my full solidarity with all free citizens of Australia. I will stand with you in your fight against an oppressive and treacherous government that tramples on civil rights, freedom and humanity.

Whether in Australia, Europe or America, today we are standing on the threshold of a dark age - worldwide!

But we will escape the darkness! Because worldwide hundreds of millions of people stand side by side in their fight against politicians and technocrats, who - intoxicated by their momentary power - believe they can continue to take advantage of us citizens and our freedom.

They cannot! Because we will fight them. Every day, every hour. We will no longer retreat! We will go on! Together! Until truth and freedom have finally prevailed!

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)

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SOS Australia - I stand with you!

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