26. July 2023

Battle for Identity: September 12 as a memorial day for the Battle at Kahlenberg

Battle for Identity: September 12 as a memorial day for the Battle at Kahlenberg

The year 1683 is considered the fateful year of Europe. In a siege of Vienna by an attacking army of 120,000 men that lasted from July to September, the Ottoman Empire attempted to bring the "gateway to Western Europe" under its control. This existential threat to Christian Europe, which went down in the history books as the "Battle of Vienna" finally ended on September 12th, 1683, in the "Battle at Kahlenberg" with the defeat of the Ottoman army. This defeat marked the beginning of the end of the Turkish policy of conquest and hegemony.

This success of the Christian West was made possible by an incredible, hitherto unprecedented joint effort of many European territories and ruling houses.

Thus, on the Christian side, the combined infantry and artillery of the Holy Roman Empire finally fought in an alliance of Austria, Saxony, Bavaria, Baden, Franconia, Swabia and Upper Hesse together with the Polish cavalry led by King John III Sobieski and his armored horsemen. Further support was provided by the Republic of Venice and the Papal States.

Through determined cooperation between the forerunners of today's member states, European values were successfully defended on that historic day, allowing the European continent to continue to develop in the Christian Western tradition.

Today, there is no need to fight bloody battles with muskets and halberds to save European values and Western identity. Today, the battlefield has long been in the minds of European nations and peoples. There now lurks the danger of a creeping and irretrievable loss of identity, when misguided elites, conscienceless EU technocrats, as well as weak politicians and governments suffering from self-hatred and notorious servility put at risk everything for which the European defenders fought and won bloodily at the gates of Vienna 340 years ago.

In view of this new danger, as well as the 340th anniversary of the "Battle at Kahlenberg" this year, I have introduced a motion for a resolution in the EU Parliament.

According to this, September 12th should become a commemorative day, with a day off from work and a special holiday, where the "Battle at Kahlenberg" is commemorated. At the same time, the member states are to be encouraged to declare September 12th a national holiday.

I am particularly proud and happy that an alliance of MEPs from different European nations has once again come together for this purpose. Thus, colleagues from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy and Croatia are already supporting me in my undertaking as the first signatories of the motion for a resolution.

Therefore, my special thanks go to:
Markus Buchheit (AfD), Maximilian Krah (AfD), Gunnar Beck (AfD), Roman Haider (FPÖ), Marcel de Graaff (FvD), Susanna Ceccardi (Lega) and Ivan Vilibor Sinčić (Ključ Hrvatske).

I want an honest and free Europe of free peoples and not a construct of political elites. And I want a Europe of friendly fatherlands, which together defend their culture, identity, freedom and enlightenment as well as the interests of the European continent and its peoples against any danger - regardless of whether this danger comes, as once, from armies lusting for conquest or, as today, from the false prophets of a soul-less cult of globalization.

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP


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