28. June 2023

I'm suing YouTube!

I'm suing YouTube!

In September 2022, YouTube blocked two of my videos in which I reported on my work in the COVID special committee. The reason given by the video portal was merely a vague reference to YouTube's own policy on so-called "medical misinformation", without specifying which information was supposed to have been wrong in the end.

YouTube blocks videos from parliamentary sessions

Both blockings are video recordings of the EU Parliament from the public meetings of the official "Special Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic" - in short: "COVI Committee".

As EU parliamentarians elected by the citizens of the respective member states, my colleagues and I wanted to know from the representatives of the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca why hundreds of millions of people were lied to about the effectiveness of the "vaccination" with regard to infection and transmission. We also wanted to know why barely tested substances were "vaccinated" en masse without a sufficiently valid data base. And we wanted to know why multinational corporations such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna or Sanofi Pasteur are raking in billion-dollar profits on the one hand, but on the other hand are able to pass on all liabilities and guarantees to the governments and thus to each individual citizen.

I don't put up with anti-democratic blocking

Together with the deletions, YouTube also threatened me with the permanent suspension of my MEP account if another video of mine were to be found "objectionable" again. At the latest with this, the point was reached where I finally decided to take legal action against this obvious arbitrariness. I do not let my mouth be forbidden - neither by "Average Joe" nor by YouTube or its parent company Google.

After several letters from lawyers, YouTube finally caved in and unlocked my videos again. However, this happened without any comment. In addition, YouTube has not yet complied with my requests to provide a definition of the so-called "medical misinformation" as well as to comment in more detail on the blockings.

For this reason, I have now filed an action for an injunction and declaratory judgment against YouTube with the competent district court in my hometown of Fulda. On the one hand, this is intended to ensure that such blockings are not repeated and, on the other hand, to establish that the previous blockings were unlawful.

For freedom, democracy and the rule of law

I want - also in the sense of all freedom-loving citizens - to question the censorship mechanisms on YouTube. The unprovoked blocking of videos on my channel - which document the highly dubious events surrounding Big Pharma and the role of the EU - raise serious, anti-democratic concerns.

In the political arena, platforms such as YouTube are intended to help citizens gain an understanding of which party and which politicians represent their concerns best. Censorship of this kind suggests that certain processes and opinions are simply to be made inaccessible to voters. That is manipulation!

As a German MEP and committed advocate of freedom, democracy and the rule of law in the sense of unrestricted rule by the people, I see it as my duty to resolutely oppose any interference by private or state agencies in the free formation of opinion and will. Particularly when this is done secretly and invisibly to the outside observer.

At the same time, it must always be clear to online content creators which rules platform providers like YouTube apply. Vague guidelines or "secret paragraphs" that can be arbitrarily overstretched and reinterpreted at any time are highly intransparent and open the door to further arbitrariness.

Lawsuit has good chances of success

Just imagine that tomorrow you would receive a parking violation ticket or a penalty order from the public prosecutor's office without being informed of your exact offense or being told which law you are supposed to have violated. This may work in the confused thought worlds of Franz Kafka, but certainly not in a functioning constitutional state. For this reason, too, I see my lawsuit as a good chance to counteract the erosion of basic democratic principles.

I will not put up with uncontrolled influence on this scale, which is why I have now taken the necessary legal steps to obtain answers that have been outstanding for months and to ensure that all citizens have unfiltered access to relevant information at all times.

I will keep you posted on the progress of the proceedings.

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)

Because YouTube decided to censor the German versions of these two videos during the p(L)andemic, I have now filed a lawsuit against the corporation through my lawyers:

Deputies are fed up! - Big Pharma under cross-examination!
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Lesson learned? - Politics further beyond reality!
When clicked, this video is loaded from YouTube servers. See our privacy policy for details.

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