Total surveillance with the state in the passenger seat! A committee of the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) dominated by police and intelligence services is currently working unnoticed on the future mass surveillance of vehicles in real time.

Position data from the navigation system will then provide a permanent movement profile. Speed, fuel level, open windows and doors will be transmitted, as well as the number of people currently sitting in the vehicle and the IDs of all smartphones connected to the infotainment system. By linking the vehicle identification number (VIN) with the smartphone IMEI, remote access to certain functions of the on-board electronics will also be possible from the outside. ETSI is currently keeping all preliminary work and internal discussions on the subject under strict lock and key until a result is achieved.

🚘👀❗️ Complete madness! This means large-scale, unprovoked surveillance of citizens by the minute without any search warrant. First data is collected, then it is misused. And any additional power that the state seizes today will also be abused against us tomorrow. Time to finally send these false elites packing ‼️

Christine Anderson, MEP

Dear fellow citizens,

In yesterday's EU elections, a wave of victories for right-wing conservative parties swept through the entire European Union. My party, the AfD, was clearly the second strongest party in Germany. And this despite an unprecedented barrage of smear campaigns and negative propaganda by the legacy parties and cartel media, in which the secret services were probably also involved.

Despite everything, the AfD became the second strongest power and gained another 5 percentage points compared to the last election in 2019 in a maximally hostile media environment. I am so immensely proud of my party and the countless campaigners and helpers at grassroots level who made such a broad success possible in the first place. And I am extremely proud of our many voters who did not allow themselves to be taken for fools by the establishment; who dared to look behind the scenes; who exposed the fake news of the mainstream and were brave enough to vote for the only party that fully stands up for our German interests, acts for the good of our people and for whom the preservation of freedom, the rule of law, humanity and self-determination is paramount.

We are seeing similar developments in many other member states. In Austria, the FPÖ under the leadership of Herbert Kickl is even becoming the strongest force. Well deserved. So my best congratulations also go to our friends in the alpine republic today.

Now it's all coming thick and fast: in France, President Macron's party alliance is losing big time. As a direct consequence, Macron now wants to dissolve the French National Assembly and has already announced new elections for June 30th.

At the same time, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo suffered a crushing defeat in Belgium. He resigned from office yesterday evening in tears after his party received only 7% of the vote and at the same time the two right-wing conservative parties New Flemish Alliance (22%) and Vlaams Belang (17.5%) were the clear winners.

The woke empire suffered a major defeat in the EU yesterday. Its leftist-green Death Star has been damaged and the technocratic stormtroopers have run for cover. However, anyone who knows all parts of the famous space saga - which I just quoted - knows that the battle is far from being over... But yesterday we won a first important victory.

Now, as the new AfD delegation in the EU Parliament, we have to do our preparations, introduce our new colleagues, distribute competencies, regulate responsibilities and make plans. And then it starts up again...

I am already looking forward to throwing myself back into the renewed battle with full force against the technocratic elites in this biggest madhouse in the world, called the EU Parliament. In the new legislature, I will continue exactly where I left off in the last one. Namely exactly where it hurts the fake elites and their stooges the most: in their own headquarters in Brussels and Strasbourg!

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP

💥🎤 The Hessian AfD election campaign finale last night in Fulda was awesome! The hall was packed with around 200 people. Latecomers got standing room only. A great atmosphere. My colleagues Jan Nolte, René Aust, Pierre Lamely & Andreas Lichert were in top form & the audience was full of energy. A biker group from Thuringia visited us & a lady from Switzerland traveled 500 km just to meet me in person. Wow! I am thrilled.

🧢🚨 My team & the campaigners on the streets have also been receiving incredibly positive feedback for weeks. In reality, we as the AfD are experiencing such friendliness & affection from the citizens, while at the same time the mainstream media is trying to paint us in the most horrible colors. It seems as if the agitation of the politico-media complex is no longer catching on with citizens. Sunday is EU election day. I think something great is about to happen...

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP

Quietly and secretly: EU stops approval for AstraZeneca's corona "vaccine"‼️
💉The billions have been earned, the scam has been driven through the streets and Big Pharma is finally satiated. Today it becomes known that the EU Commission quietly revoked the approval of Vaxzevria already 5 weeks ago.
⚠️ With effect from tomorrow, May 7, 2024.
Anyone who is still against a committee of inquiry is amongst the perpetrators.

Dear fellow citizens,

Alleged 'fact-checking portals' such as “Correctiv” have long since become an instrument for fighting opposition & democracy.

These are now apparently even supposed to actively intervene in election campaigns in order to discredit the opposition - as the American investigative journalist Michael Shellenberger has discovered.

He accuses both “Correctiv”, which is co-financed with taxpayers' money, and the “Institute for Strategic Dialogue” (ISD), which is supported by the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Justice, of deliberately spreading false narratives about the opposition. For example, for the 2021 German federal elections, the ISD already worked together with the American "Alliance for Securing Democracy" (ASD), which is primarily run by former employees of US intelligence agencies and the State Department.

ISD employees Sara Bundtzen and Paula Matlach claimed in their article "Fertile breeding ground for the extreme right and conspiracy ideologies?" that the farmers' protests were right-wing extremist. According to Shellenberger, this was no coincidence, but politically coordinated. As an example of this, he cites the case of ISD journalist Sara Bundtzen, who previously worked in NATO's Joint Intelligence and Security Division before taking a job in the European Commission to push through the “Digital Services Act” (DSA).

The "Digital Services Act" is a law that has given the EU far-reaching powers since 2022 to regulate social media services under the pretext (and with the extremely flexible term) of "hate speech" – in other words, to suppress freedom of expression and censor content.

Shellenberger's revelations and arguments are explosive in light of the fact that the demonstrably false "Correctiv" reporting recently brought hundreds of thousands of people onto the streets against the opposition party AfD and also pushed the farmers' protests taking place at the same time out of the media spotlight.

More and more citizens are now recognizing the swamp of state-fed conviction journalism, NGOs and ideological pressure groups between which the networks of the intelligence services are spun like a mycelium.

Even Twitter boss Elon Musk recently called for an investigation into "Correctiv" and the German government, highlighting EU Commissioner Thierry Breton on X.

However, the EU Commission remains just as silent on the matter as the EU Parliament.

Not surprising to me – I have been pointing out these fundamental threats to our freedom, democracy and the rule of law for a long time. While many are still burying their heads in the sand, the EU_Commission continues to stonewall on the matter:

My priority request from the beginning of February - which should have been answered by the EU Commission within 3 weeks - has still not been processed, even after two reminders ❗️

Let's see what happens next. For my part, I certainly won't let up.

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP

Dear fellow citizens,

A few months before the upcoming EU elections, the Greens now have a major problem that they are apparently trying to sweep under the carpet. Following massive accusations of sexism, Green MEP Malte Gallée resigned from his post a few days ago. The 30-year-old Green was the youngest German MEP in the EU Parliament and was regarded as the shooting star of his party. Now dozens of accusations of sexism have catapulted him out of his orbit.

As research by “Stern magazine” has now revealed, a number of Green Party employees in Brussels are said to have accused Gallée of sexually harassing them since the summer of 2022. The allegations that have come to light so far concern unacceptable behavior, unwanted touching and bullying.

According to “Stern”, Malte Gallée dodges questions about specific accusations and explains: "It didn't happen in my world." Nevertheless, he has since resigned as a MEP. The scandal comes at an inopportune time for the Greens, as the EU elections are just a few months away and the election campaign will begin shortly.

But it gets even worse. While the Greens are trying to sweep the incident under the carpet, 100 former and current Green employees in Brussels have now signed an open letter. According to the letter, the party leadership in Brussels has been aware of the allegations against the German MEP for over a year - without this having led to any consequences.

Many female employees are particularly disappointed with Terry Reintke - the German and European lead candidate for the Greens in the upcoming EU elections. The women concerned accuse the group leadership around Terry Reintke of not taking their complaints seriously. On the contrary, they were even put under pressure by the parliamentary group not to comment further on the allegations. The open letter states: "The reality shows us that the leadership did nothing when the victims asked for help. The allegations of harassment - and even more disturbing - the apparent cover-up is not only unpleasant, but shocking."

According to "Stern", Terry Reintke, leader of the EU Greens' parliamentary group, declined a request for an interview on the sexism scandal. Malte Gallée's Bavarian state association is also keeping a low profile.

Of course, the presumption of innocence also applies to Mr. Gallée, but the dozens of accusations weigh heavily. This is particularly the case for a party that (like the left-wing camp as a whole) always writes its supposed virtuousness extremely thickly on its green (or red) banners. Even 44 years after its foundation, the Greens are still just a chip off the old block.

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)

If you would like to see Mr. Gallée in action, you are welcome to watch my latest video: "The real extremists are sitting on the government bench!"
There you can watch him clowning around with his colleagues during my speech in the plenary chamber.

🇩🇪 🇦🇹 🇨🇭
Die französische Delegation des Rassemblement national hat alle Kollegen der ID-Fraktion zu einem zwanglosen Empfang in ihre Parlamentsbüros eingeladen. Der Hauptreferent (Mitglied der französischen Nationalversammlung) bekam von uns als Andenken ein Gästebuch überreicht, in welches sich alle MEPs mit einer persönlichen Widmung eintrugen.

Vielen Dank an meine französischen Freunde & Kollegen für die Einladung! 💙

🇫🇷 🇨🇦
La délégation française du Rassemblement national a invité tous les collègues du groupe ID à une réception informelle dans leurs bureaux parlementaires. Comme souvenir, nous avons offert à l'orateur principal (membre de l'Assemblée nationale française) un livre d'or dans lequel tous les députés européens ont signé une dédicace personnelle.

Un grand merci à mes amis et collègues français pour leur invitation! 💙

🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇦🇺
The French delegation of the Rassemblement national invited all colleagues from the ID Group to an informal reception at their parliamentary offices. The main speaker (member of the French National Assembly) received a souvenir guest book from us, in which all MEPs signed a personal dedication.

Many thanks to my French friends & colleagues for the invitation! 💙

Dear fellow citizens,

Last week, the EU Parliament voted on the new AI law, the "Artificial Intelligence Act" (AIA). Its aim is to regulate important areas relating to artificial intelligence (AI).

To say it straight away: artificial intelligence is a very complex topic. On the one hand, it opens up great technological and social opportunities, but on the other hand, it can also lead us straight to social and digital hell if misused. This misuse can come not only from criminals or companies, but also from governments themselves.

Due to this scope and complexity, a thorough and differentiated examination of AI is essential. For this reason, my colleagues in the AfD parliamentary group and I felt compelled to abstain from the vote. But why actually?

AI is an extremely powerful but double-edged sword and its capabilities are growing every day. AI is already being used in medicine for the early detection of diseases such as cancer. In industry, AI is used for process control, quality assurance and error identification. In the care and rehabilitation sector, AI helps with speech recognition (e.g. for aphasia and dementia) or in the control of exoskeletons for paraplegics. AI is also becoming increasingly important for law enforcement agencies, for example in recognizing counterfeit passports or tracking down criminals.

And this is precisely where the problem begins. For each of the above-mentioned useful applications, a negative misuse scenario can also be identified.

What will protect us from police authorities using biometric mass surveillance to search the entire population instead of specific criminals? What prevents AI from controlling not only the exoskeletons of paralyzed people, but soon also autonomous weapons systems in order to automate warfare and, in the worst case, make human decisions superfluous? If banks use AI to detect money laundering, what prevents them from monitoring, reporting or restricting the payment transactions of politically undesirable citizens at the call of government agencies in the future? AI would be the key technology behind the development of an oppressive Chinese-style social credit system or predictive policing - a discriminatory police practice that would violate human dignity and the presumption of innocence. The role played by AI in the manipulation of public opinion and internet censorship is something we all remember only too well since the corona coercive measures regime.

The new European AI law is the world's first attempt to regulate AI. But many questions remain unanswered. Regulation is undoubtedly necessary, but over-regulation could lead to us losing even more technological and economic ground internationally. Then others will take over the debate.

In a serious and honest discussion of the topic of AI, it is neither possible to simply reject the law nor to agree with it. Some of the positions it contains make sense, while others do not; some are completely absent. During the legislative process, we as the AfD within the ID parliamentary group have had the opportunity since summer 2023 to table detailed amendments to make our differentiated position clearer. Unfortunately, as usual, these were blocked by the other parties.

Too many conflicting interests are now irreconcilable in this law. The legal text is imprecise and flawed. However, rejecting it would have meant abandoning regulation altogether. Including that of hi-risk technologies. For all these reasons, after careful consideration, we finally abstained from the vote.

🗓 Sunday, March 17th,
📍 Zwolle/Netherlands

🔊 Live Event from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. ⏰

We are undeniably at a crossroads in our history. Globally, we are facing challenges ranging from the future of our farmers, finance, health to limitations on our personal freedoms. These are big issues that cannot be ignored and which have a huge impact on our day to day lives. Instead of feeling powerless, we believe that acting from our inner strength, we can make a difference.

This event is designed to give people insight and hope on how to take back their future.

I will talk about the aforementioned problems together with these fellow expert speakers:

⚜️ Prof. Dr. Mattias Desmet (Professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University, Belgium / author of „The Psychology of Totalitarianism“)
⚜️ Prof. Dr. Theo Schetters (Dutch biologist / extraordinary Professor position at the University of Pretoria, South Africa)
⚜️ Arno Wellens (Journalist, author and ex-banker)
⚜️ Jeroen van Maanen (farmer and director at the Dutch Dairy Farmers Union)

💬 There will also be an opportunity to ask the speakers questions in a Q&A session.

ℹ️ More information and tickets:

I am looking forward to meeting you this Sunday in Zwolle!

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)

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