Dear fellow citizens,

Many of you have regularly followed me on my work in the EU Parliament via my social media channels, supporting me with your messages and comments and thus motivating me to never stop.

For this, I would like to thank you all today very personally and from the bottom of my heart! Through your great support, even in difficult situations, I always found the necessary extra motivation to continue unwaveringly on my path in the fight for democracy and self-determination against the false elites of this world.

Today I am extremely pleased to announce that I have just passed the 150,000 followers mark on my Twitter account ( @AndersonAfDMdEP ). Many thanks for this to all my followers. Knowing that so many of you are interested in my political work will be an incentive for me to continue to throw myself into the fight with all my might.

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)

The spy software "Pegasus" can tap all cell phone data unnoticed, read messages, and activate the microphone or camera remotely without the person affected noticing. It is considered one of the most powerful cyber weapons ever developed. Among the worldwide victims are several members of the EU Parliament, employees of the EU Commission as well as numerous oppositionists and lawyers from the EU member states.

According to its own information, the Israeli manufacturer NSO sells the product only to state authorities such as police forces, secret services or the military.

In order to clarify how it could happen that this software was also used against members of the EU Parliament and the EU Commission and who is responsible for that, the special committee PEGA was founded in the EU Parliament already in April 2022, of which I am a full member.

From the very beginning, this committee was ill-fated. Sometimes the Internet suddenly went down, speakers unexpectedly dropped out of the live video feed, government agencies stonewalled when passing on information or simply acted the fool.

Earlier this week, the Vice President of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), Martina Link, had been invited to a hearing before the committee. But Ms. Link did not show up for the appointment. The reason for her absence is still unknown. Even the committee chairman was surprised about this audacity and remarked that even he did not know whether the vice-president of the BKA - who was invited a total of 3 times - was only prevented by scheduling or if the Federal Ministry of the Interior had forbidden her to attend.

So let's hold on to this:

My question:
What should an averagely gifted person make of this? What conclusion could one come to if the already known facts are put in connection with the corresponding conjectures? Could we then be in danger of being once again branded as alleged conspiracy theorists by “opinion controllers” and so-called "fact checkers"?

Kind regards,

Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)

[Brussels, 11.11.2022] Christine Anderson (AfD): YouTube didn't want you to know what we uncovered in the EU special committee on the Corona pandemic.

YouTube has deleted several videos with speeches by Christine Anderson (AfD), who is a member of the EU special committee on the Corona pandemic for the ID group. In some cases, even videos with questions that the MEP had asked in the committee were sanctioned. Following legal intervention, YouTube caved in and put videos that had already been censored back online. Anderson is now calling on YouTube to hand over the "medical misinformation guidelines" on which the platform operator bases its sanctions. "The impression here is that information that doesn't fit the desired narrative should be suppressed. I won't stand for that. If YouTube lets my deadline pass unused, I will file a lawsuit in court,'' Anderson said.

Anderson regularly publicizes how high-ranking representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, such as the vice president of AstraZeneca, increasingly come under pressure during hearings and criticized Pfizer CEO Alfred Bourla for canceling his participation in one such meeting at short notice. "I call for a committee of inquiry to take a closer look at the relationship between the Pfizer CEO and EU-Commission President Ursula von der Leyen."

Anderson and her Dutch colleague Rob Ross also uncovered a scandal: "Bourla's representative on the committee, Janine Smalls, had to admit to Ross in a questioning that the pharmaceutical giant had no knowledge before the market launch of the Pfizer/BionTech drug whether it could be used to prevent the infection as well as the transmission of Covid-19 at all. "Statements like - "If you vaccinate, you protect yourself and others!" - in the context of the Covid vaccination campaign were simply lies!"

In a written question, Anderson is now asking the EU Commission where statements in support of the vaccination campaign originated, such as those still being used by the German government, and whether sanctions can be expected for such "fake news" within the framework of the EU action plan against disinformation.

More background information and video links as well as contact possibilities for press representatives on Christine Anderson's homepage (currently only available in German):

Dear fellow citizens,

My persistent work in the EU Parliament and its committees now seems to be a thorn in the side of certain players in the background ❗️ In today's post, I would therefore like to make public for the first time the legal battles I have fought with YouTube in recent weeks to save my MEP account there from arbitrary censorship and permanent deletion.

➡️ About 6 weeks ago I published on YouTube my video from the official EU-COVID special committee, where I together with my colleagues from #TeamFreedom put the representative of AstraZeneca under so much pressure by asking questions, that apart from endless stuttering nothing more could be heard from her. In doing so, I probably stepped on the toes of some of the background actors way too much:

➡️ Only a few days later, the video was suddenly deleted from YouTube. Reason: alleged "medical misinformation". At the same time, I received a 1st warning and was not allowed to post any new content on my channel for one week. [Link]

➡️ Shortly after, another, already somewhat older video from the EU-COVID special committee was "discovered" and also deleted for so-called "medical misinformation", incl. 2nd warning and posting ban for 14 days. [Link]

➡️ Now YouTube informed me that they would delete my account completely and permanently if they found one more "inappropriate" video on my channel.

➡️ At this point I had to activate my lawyers. YT was ordered to restore the videos in both cases, as well as withdraw the warnings. In addition, YT should disclose its definitions of "medical misinformation".

➡️ Now it got really exciting. Two days after the first lawyer's letter arrived at YT, all of a sudden - and as if by magic - the corresponding video was back online and the associated warning disappeared.

➡️ A few days later, directly after arrival of the second lawyer's letter, the other video was then also available again and the second warning was also withdrawn.

➡️ It is interesting that YT has not commented on this incident until today. No explanation, no apology, no information. From the outside, everything appears as if nothing had ever happened. Only by the strongly different viewing numbers between German and English version it can still be recognized that the German versions of these videos must have been blocked in the meantime. But that was not the end of the story.

➡️ On 19.10.2022 the video of the latest press conference of #TeamFreedom followed. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla had previously refused to appear in front of the Special Committee, SMS text messages between him and EU Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen had disappeared, and the EU Public Prosecutor's Office had begun investigating the EU vaccine contracts. [Link]

➡️ Result: YT immediately blocked the entire video of the press conference and warned me again for an alleged "violation of the community guidelines", including a new posting ban.

➡️ Two days later, YT suddenly rowed back. Even before a third letter from my lawyers reached the company, the video of the press conference had been put back online overnight and the associated warning had been removed.

➡️ These multiple blockings and threats will probably not be a coincidence. Especially since they started right at that moment, when with the total failure of the AstraZeneca representative at the Special Committee, the official Corona narrative of politics and media started to collapse.

After months of persistent pressure from me and my colleagues of #TeamFreedom within the EU Special Committee - now even the EU Public Prosecutor's Office has become active - it seems that YT may no longer be willing to catch a falling knife and put the previously deleted video of the press conference back online as a precaution. Intransparency and obfuscation are not only found within the power circles of the EU, but also in the corporate culture of globally operating media platforms. It is precisely this elitist politico-media complex that is hostile to us citizens, our freedom and democracy as a whole.

I will be happy to report on further interesting developments on this topic to you, dear readers, here in the coming days.

By the way, you can watch the videos that were affected by the YT censorship here:

Link 1:
Link 2:
Link 3:

It's finally starting! The EU Public Prosecutor's Office has launched an official investigation into the Corona vaccine contracts ‼️

Apparently, the pressure I’ve been building up with my colleagues from #TeamFreedom during the last months in the EU-COVID-Special-Committee is starting to show results.

It’s getting nasty for EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and her good buddy, top manager Albert Bourla - CEO of pharma giant PFIZER.

We remember: PFIZER chief Bourla already refused to participate in the EU special committee 14 days ago. Moreover, important SMS between him and von der Leyen with reference to the contracts disappeared.

Now a deal for 1.8 billion vaccine doses from Biontech/Pfizer worth an estimated €35 billion is also coming into focus. Piquant: The EU is even supposed to have a purchase obligation here instead of the usual purchase options.

I'll continue to push forward and get back to you as soon as I have any new info.

Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)

Dear fellow citizens,

Tomorrow, October 25, 2022, at 15:00 (CET) in the EU Parliament, I will participate as a speaker in our 'Gender Equality Week' event. We will discuss women´s issues, femininity and female empowerment in the modern age from a conservative and patriotic point of view.

Our panel will consist of:

➡️ Christine Anderson: German Member of the EU Parliament (AfD) and ID Coordinator of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality
➡️ Patricia Chagnon: French Member of the EU Parliament (Rassemblement National) and member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs
➡️ Reinhild Boßdorf: German influencer, blogger and conservative women´s rights activist

For those who can´t attend in person, here is a link for remote participation:

There will be active and passive translation in German and English.

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)

The EU is responsible for those policy areas that have been transferred to it by the member states by treaty. All other policy areas would have to remain with the member states.

But now the EU wants to further regulate mother's milk, sperm, human egg cells and blood. The EU Commission has already published a proposal for a regulation on substances of human origin.

Christine Anderson, AfD women's policy spokeswoman in the EU Parliament, clarifies:

"To put it in terms the EU technocrats can understand: Breast milk is a product that is consumed almost exclusively in the vicinity of the place of production by one or at most two infants. Unless there were a cross-border market for human breast milk, which the EU wants to legalize. However, I haven't noticed anything about that yet. Or do the EU officials mean to put breast milk smugglers in a row with gasoline, alcohol, tobacco and weapons smugglers?

This mother's milk regulation is an example of how the EU interferes in the most private details. But when it comes to real problems for which it is responsible, it fails completely. Economic decline, wrong energy policy and the Euro inflation are only mentioned in passing.

As an experienced mother and politician, I wholeheartedly reject an EU Commission that seeks cross-border exchanges of breast milk and the 'implementation of a digitalization-enabled policy' in this area.

An EU that tends to put barcodes and QR codes on everything and everyone, to want to measure, control and patronize everything, deserves the resistance of all responsible citizens.

I, for one, have made up my mind: For freedom, for democracy and for fundamental rights!"

Sources, links and further information (please scroll down):

This week I am once again on the "ID Study Days", the conclave of my parliamentary group. This time with our Czech neighbors in beautiful Prague.
Good talks with our esteemed guest of honor, the former President of the Czech Republic, Václav Klaus.

He spoke of the following major challenges we face today:

➡️ 1. Multiculturalism
➡️ 2. NGO-ism
➡️ 3. Cancel Culture
➡️ 4. shift from equality to gender ideology

Full consent and thanks again to Václav Klaus for the very interesting exchange of ideas! More info on our conclave to come later in an update.

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)

In the wake of the scandals within the German public broadcasting services, the media-policy spokespersons of the AfD delegation in the EU Parliament and the AfD parliamentary groups met at short notice in Berlin and worked out the basics regarding the reorganization of the public broadcasters.

Press release by Christine Anderson, media policy spokesperson for the AfD in the EU Parliament:

"It is becoming more than clear from the ever more widespread scandals of the public media institutions that they have lost their way and have gone on a media-political ghost trip.

The public's interest in objective information has not been in the foreground for a long time. Instead, the self-interest of ideologues – who have trimmed the system of public broadcasters to suit themselves – has moved to the forefront. They profit from princely payments, expenses, bonuses, pensions and considerable influence on the formation of the audience’s political opinion.

In Germany, we have by far the most expensive state-controlled broadcasting in the EU. But the EU itself also has “Euronews” and “Euranet” or “Euranet Plus”, its own in-house reporters. We should urgently take a closer look at these broadcasters and even more at their budgets: Who profits from whom and in which pocket does German taxpayers' money disappear, which belongs neither to Brussels nor to Berlin, but is best left where it has been earned: In the wallets of our hard-working citizens.

As the media-policy spokesperson for the AfD delegation in the EU Parliament, I support the basic principles that have been developed, and I will also campaign in Brussels with my colleagues in the Identity & Democracy Group, the members of the Lega, FPÖ, Rassemblement National, Vlaams Belang and the many other freedom-loving MEPs to ensure that this basic document can also be the start of an EU-wide reappraisal and education campaign. We must drain the swamp of corruption, and nepotism. First in Germany, then across the EU.

In accordance with its constitutional mandate, a public broadcasting service financed by compulsory contributions would have to ensure that citizens receive independent and objective information. But the recent rent-a-scribe reports are rapidly developing in the direction of pure indoctrination alongside with so-called attitude journalism.

Such approaches have abandoned the concept of politically mature citizens. Obviously, the conviction prevails that citizens must be educated and shaped like immature children.

This is not only unworthy of a democracy, but gives legitimate reason to ask whether a state that tolerates this can even claim to still be a fully functioning democracy?"

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