11. April 2024

Does Democracy Drown in the Swamp of the Deep State?

Does Democracy Drown in the Swamp of the Deep State?

Dear fellow citizens,

Alleged 'fact-checking portals' such as “Correctiv” have long since become an instrument for fighting opposition & democracy.

These are now apparently even supposed to actively intervene in election campaigns in order to discredit the opposition - as the American investigative journalist Michael Shellenberger has discovered.

He accuses both “Correctiv”, which is co-financed with taxpayers' money, and the “Institute for Strategic Dialogue” (ISD), which is supported by the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Justice, of deliberately spreading false narratives about the opposition. For example, for the 2021 German federal elections, the ISD already worked together with the American "Alliance for Securing Democracy" (ASD), which is primarily run by former employees of US intelligence agencies and the State Department.

ISD employees Sara Bundtzen and Paula Matlach claimed in their article "Fertile breeding ground for the extreme right and conspiracy ideologies?" that the farmers' protests were right-wing extremist. According to Shellenberger, this was no coincidence, but politically coordinated. As an example of this, he cites the case of ISD journalist Sara Bundtzen, who previously worked in NATO's Joint Intelligence and Security Division before taking a job in the European Commission to push through the “Digital Services Act” (DSA).

The "Digital Services Act" is a law that has given the EU far-reaching powers since 2022 to regulate social media services under the pretext (and with the extremely flexible term) of "hate speech" – in other words, to suppress freedom of expression and censor content.

Shellenberger's revelations and arguments are explosive in light of the fact that the demonstrably false "Correctiv" reporting recently brought hundreds of thousands of people onto the streets against the opposition party AfD and also pushed the farmers' protests taking place at the same time out of the media spotlight.

More and more citizens are now recognizing the swamp of state-fed conviction journalism, NGOs and ideological pressure groups between which the networks of the intelligence services are spun like a mycelium.

Even Twitter boss Elon Musk recently called for an investigation into "Correctiv" and the German government, highlighting EU Commissioner Thierry Breton on X.

However, the EU Commission remains just as silent on the matter as the EU Parliament.

Not surprising to me – I have been pointing out these fundamental threats to our freedom, democracy and the rule of law for a long time. While many are still burying their heads in the sand, the EU_Commission continues to stonewall on the matter:

My priority request from the beginning of February - which should have been answered by the EU Commission within 3 weeks - has still not been processed, even after two reminders ❗️

Let's see what happens next. For my part, I certainly won't let up.

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP


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