24. March 2024

Green MEP resigns! Accusations of sexism – Greens in need of explanation

Green MEP resigns! Accusations of sexism – Greens in need of explanation

Dear fellow citizens,

A few months before the upcoming EU elections, the Greens now have a major problem that they are apparently trying to sweep under the carpet. Following massive accusations of sexism, Green MEP Malte Gallée resigned from his post a few days ago. The 30-year-old Green was the youngest German MEP in the EU Parliament and was regarded as the shooting star of his party. Now dozens of accusations of sexism have catapulted him out of his orbit.

As research by “Stern magazine” has now revealed, a number of Green Party employees in Brussels are said to have accused Gallée of sexually harassing them since the summer of 2022. The allegations that have come to light so far concern unacceptable behavior, unwanted touching and bullying.

According to “Stern”, Malte Gallée dodges questions about specific accusations and explains: "It didn't happen in my world." Nevertheless, he has since resigned as a MEP. The scandal comes at an inopportune time for the Greens, as the EU elections are just a few months away and the election campaign will begin shortly.

But it gets even worse. While the Greens are trying to sweep the incident under the carpet, 100 former and current Green employees in Brussels have now signed an open letter. According to the letter, the party leadership in Brussels has been aware of the allegations against the German MEP for over a year - without this having led to any consequences.

Many female employees are particularly disappointed with Terry Reintke - the German and European lead candidate for the Greens in the upcoming EU elections. The women concerned accuse the group leadership around Terry Reintke of not taking their complaints seriously. On the contrary, they were even put under pressure by the parliamentary group not to comment further on the allegations. The open letter states: "The reality shows us that the leadership did nothing when the victims asked for help. The allegations of harassment - and even more disturbing - the apparent cover-up is not only unpleasant, but shocking."

According to "Stern", Terry Reintke, leader of the EU Greens' parliamentary group, declined a request for an interview on the sexism scandal. Malte Gallée's Bavarian state association is also keeping a low profile.

Of course, the presumption of innocence also applies to Mr. Gallée, but the dozens of accusations weigh heavily. This is particularly the case for a party that (like the left-wing camp as a whole) always writes its supposed virtuousness extremely thickly on its green (or red) banners. Even 44 years after its foundation, the Greens are still just a chip off the old block.

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)

If you would like to see Mr. Gallée in action, you are welcome to watch my latest video: "The real extremists are sitting on the government bench!"
There you can watch him clowning around with his colleagues during my speech in the plenary chamber.



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