24. June 2022

EU decides Extension of the DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE

EU decides Extension of the DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE

Dear fellow citizens,

Thank you very much for your numerous letters, of which almost 1,000 e-mails have reached me in the last days and weeks. We all shared the concern that the EU Parliament might soon decide on an extension of the Digital COVID Certificate (Digital Green Certificate).

Unfortunately, our fears came true today and the "Digital Basic Rights Voucher" - a designation I consider much more appropriate here - was extended by another year until June 2023.

Of course, I voted against it together with some fellow campaigners, but the thirst of the majority of MEPs for further ways to restrict civil liberties and fundamental rights could not be overcome.

But today's vote also shows that I was unfortunately right again with my suspicions: The repeal of the previous Corona coercive measures seems to have been nothing more than a tactical retreat by the establishment. Too much pleasure has been taken in depriving citizens of their constitutional rights under the pretext of supposed "health care" and, if need be, restoring them in the case of government-friendly good behavior, as if they were privileges. Enjoy one last summer of freedom. Once it's over, we're all in for another pLandemic (sic) autumn and winter! But one thing is already certain: Our fight for freedom will continue!

Kind regards,

Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)


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