7. April 2022

EU wants to extend Digital Covid Passport - Let's fight back!

EU wants to extend Digital Covid Passport - Let's fight back!

EU wants to extend "Digital COVID Passport": Submit comments NOW until 8.4.2022 and fight back!

The EU wants to extend the "Digital COVID Certificate" for another year until 2023. Allegedly, the QR code certificate is meant to curb pandemics. But vaccinated and unvaccinated people have been shown to carry the same viral load.

Christine Anderson, digital policy spokeswoman for the AfD delegation in the EU Parliament, clarifies:

"Compulsory vaccination or freedom to travel? Brussels only wants to grant freedom of travel to compulsorily vaccinated people. But the so-called COVID vaccines have only conditional approvals. Important studies are missing or have not been published. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen blacks out vaccine procurement contracts and refuses to publish them in full.

The "Digital EU COVID Certificate" is an attack on freedom, human rights and human dignity. Citizens without a valid certificate have been and continue to be excluded from social life without a scientific basis, in some cases deprived of their freedom to earn a living. In truth, it is about making people submissive to digital surveillance by the state. China's 'social credit system' sends its regards!"

This has to stop. But the EU Commission wants to extend its failed policy for another year. To this end, the Commission has launched an EU-wide survey up to and including April 8th.

Let's join forces now for freedom, human rights and human dignity!

Two days left to oppose this governmental servitude passport!

Make a statement now and let the EU Commission know your opinion up to and including April 8th, 2022:



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