24. December 2021

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Dear fellow citizens,

For almost two years now, we have been held hostage by those who despise our freedom, trample on our fundamental rights and have long since made no secret of their totalitarian aspirations. I fight every day against what is looming darkly on the horizon. This is not always easy, because the enemies of free society and the self-determined citizen come up with something new every day.

But those who know me are well aware that I will never give up fighting for you, for our children and our grandchildren. I am deeply grateful to all of you for standing by my side unbreakably with likes, comments, personal messages, emails, letters and phone calls.

Even though compulsory vaccination, collectivization mania and the constant splitting of society by our governments are anything but Christian values, I would still like to wish you a happy Christmas surrounded by your beloved ones from the bottom of my heart. I am glad to be able to do this also on Christmas 2021, since the EU has only recently issued formulation proposals which actually wanted to delete this term, in order to underline with such an insane step against our European and Christian traditions of all things the so highly praised "diversity" in Europe! Therefore, let us celebrate the coming festive days happy and proud of our cultural heritage. We will not let them be taken away from us by the power-hungry fake elites of the Corona administration, nor by the soulless technocrats from Brussels, because our heart beats for freedom, for Christian traditions and values and for our beloved homeland!

Best wishes and Merry Christmas,
Yours Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)


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