5. October 2023

The EU Commission wants to completely take over media policy in the future

The EU Commission wants to completely take over media policy in the future

Dear fellow citizens,

this week in Strasbourg the "European Media Freedom Act" is on the agenda.
Of course, once again written in the finest Orwellian Newspeak according to the typical EU way of working, "freedom" in reality means the exact opposite, namely hard control and paternalism.
What exactly is brewing here again at the moment, I have already made public in a first short press release:

📎📰 ++ Press release++

"In order to acquire even more power at the expense of the member states, also in terms of media policy, the so-called "European Media Freedom Act" is to be passed in the EU Parliament. It is obvious that this is not a media freedom law, but a media gag law: A centralistic EU media supervisory authority, which will be subordinate to the democratically non-legitimized EU Commission, is to seize media policy with all its might! This poses an enormous threat to the already massively suffering media diversity in Germany! We as AfD work for free media in a free market. The citizen should decide which media he wants to consume. We firmly reject compulsory levies, horrendous subsidies and EU interference in national media jurisdiction in the interests of the citizens!"


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