7. July 2024

The state as co-driver: Real-time vehicle mass surveillance.

The state as co-driver: Real-time vehicle mass surveillance.

Total surveillance with the state in the passenger seat! A committee of the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) dominated by police and intelligence services is currently working unnoticed on the future mass surveillance of vehicles in real time.

Position data from the navigation system will then provide a permanent movement profile. Speed, fuel level, open windows and doors will be transmitted, as well as the number of people currently sitting in the vehicle and the IDs of all smartphones connected to the infotainment system. By linking the vehicle identification number (VIN) with the smartphone IMEI, remote access to certain functions of the on-board electronics will also be possible from the outside. ETSI is currently keeping all preliminary work and internal discussions on the subject under strict lock and key until a result is achieved.

🚘👀❗️ Complete madness! This means large-scale, unprovoked surveillance of citizens by the minute without any search warrant. First data is collected, then it is misused. And any additional power that the state seizes today will also be abused against us tomorrow. Time to finally send these false elites packing ‼️

Christine Anderson, MEP


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