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First Success against European Digital COVID Certificate (EDCC)

Dear fellow citizens,

Following the recent decision by the President of the EU Parliament, David Sassoli, to make access to the buildings conditional on the presentation of the European Digital COVID Certificate (EDCC), I would in effect be excluded from exercising my mandate, as I would no longer have been able to enter both the plenary chamber and my office rooms.

Why I am not taking part in the play about ever new measures and hurdles on the way to a "new normal", I have already explained in my widely noticed speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPLbWJU2tDU

I have therefore taken legal action and called upon the President of Parliament to grant me access to the parliament's premises and to my offices again and not to restrict the exercise of my mandate.

Today, a judge suspended the measures for the time being, so that I can now enter the parliament building again. Unfortunately, this does not currently apply to everyone, but only to those who had co-signed the lawsuit.

This is a first successful step, but of course it is not enough. That is why I will continue to fight and resolutely stand up for freedom, democracy and fundamental rights and oppose all attacks by encroaching governments.

See you soon.
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)

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First Success against European Digital COVID Certificate (EDCC)

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