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New WHO treaties – Pt2 – Now, what we still can do against it

Hostile takeover of the background-elites - Part 2

Dear fellow citizens,

In yesterday's video, I informed you about the current renegotiation of the WHO treaties. The aim is to give - in the event of future pandemics - the WHO de facto governing power over the Member States.

The official answer of the EU-Commission to my parliamentary question, to what extent it would take care that the principles of the people's rule would be respected, was:


Find out now in the 2nd part of my video, which possibility still exists, in order to prevent the hostile takeover of our democracies by the international background elites. It can still be achieved, but now requires the personal commitment to freedom and democracy of all our fellow citizens. The more people raise their voices now, the greater our chance of a last-minute victory.

Document links:
My parliamentary Request:
https://www.europarl.europa.eu/doceo/document/P-9-2022-000921_EN.htmlReply of the EU-Commission:

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New WHO treaties – Pt2 – Now, what we still can do against it

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