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PRESS CONFERENCE - Pfizer CEO fears special committee

Let's briefly recall what happened the day before yesterday in the official Covid-19 EU Special Committee:

➡️ The CEO of the pharmaceutical company PFIZER, Albert Bourla, refused to participate
➡️ Important questions about the deleted text messages between him and EU President Ursula von der Leyen and the still blacked-out vaccine contracts were not answered.
➡️ Important questions about the timing of the vaccine tests were not answered.
➡️ The committee chair, Kathleen van Brempt, irregularly blocked my point of order to have this special committee dissolved as ineffective by vote.
➡️ Instead, a genuine committee of inquiry should be established, which would then also have the necessary legal means of coercion at its disposal. This, too, was blocked by the chairwoman.

For this reason, together with my colleagues, I called a press conference yesterday at the EU Parliament. More about it in this video.

Missed the video of the last special committee?
Here is the link to it: https://youtu.be/AuVMZOs3XJM


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PRESS CONFERENCE - Pfizer CEO fears special committee

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