15. December 2022

Women Fighting for Freedom Award 2022

Women Fighting for Freedom Award 2022

This week, the Identity & Democracy (ID) group in the EU Parliament, on the initiative of its women's policy spokeswoman Christine Anderson (AfD), awarded the prize "Women Fighting for Freedom" for the first time. The prize winners are the Iranian women. The prize was accepted on behalf of Azita Rostami, who fled the Tehran regime at a young age. Christine Anderson added:

"The 'Identity and Democracy' Parliamentary Group has unanimously decided to give the "Women Fighting for Freedom Award 2022" to the women of Iran. They risk everything - including their own lives - for a self-determined life in freedom. Their courage deserves our highest recognition. The women of Iran are an example to us of how important it is to fight for freedom even against a repressive Islamic dictatorship. Our solidarity and full respect belong to the Iranian women."


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