21. June 2022

NO to the digital Democracy Lockdown!

NO to the digital Democracy Lockdown!

Dear fellow citizens,

this week the EU Parliament will vote on the extension of the digital vaccination passport (Digital Green COVID Certificate) for another year (until June 2023). This plan, in conjunction with the immense quantities of vaccine that the EU has already ordered to date, suggests a reasonable suspicion that the current relaxation of the state's Corona coercive measures is merely a brief tactical retreat by the politico-medial complex. The widespread protests by freedom-loving citizens became so strong and conspicuous at the beginning of this year that the governments' panic narrative could no longer be sustained. So now, in the slipstream of short-term relaxations, politicians are apparently preparing for the next level of coercive measures in the coming fall and winter.

A very recent and frightening example from China shows right now that the so-called "hygiene measures" are not so much about health protection, but obviously much more about the ultimate protection of politics from its own citizens.

A few days ago, several hundred annoyed Chinese bank customers, whose accounts had previously been frozen, planned to travel to the capital of the Henan province for a protest. However, this protest was thwarted by Chinese authorities in advance, as the health codes on the protesters' cell phones suddenly turned red upon arrival in Zhengzhou. Other travelers explained that their COVID digital ID had already switched to red the day before, shortly after they had reserved a train ticket to the capital online. The state-run »Global Times« also reported that for others affected, red codes suddenly turned back to green as soon as they left Zhengzhou.

Without a green code in their smartphone app, citizens lose access to public transport, to facilities such as shopping malls, supermarkets and restaurants, and the right to travel freely throughout the country. In short, the lives of those affected will be so severely restricted that they will come to a near standstill.

This dreadful event shows more than clearly what will still be possible with the Digital COVID Certificate here in Germany, in Europe and of course worldwide as a whole. It is not about protecting the health of the population, but about protecting governments and politics from inconvenient citizens and their legitimate use of democratic freedoms and fundamental rights. Democratic participation will then only be granted to those citizens who have previously been issued a "Digital Basic Rights Voucher" by the government. Everyone else instead will be sent straight into a “Democracy Lockdown”.

That leaders of Western states have already come to regard the principles of democracy and the rule of law as an inconvenient obstacle to gaining further power is demonstrated by figures such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has already publicly expressed his admiration for China's dictatorship. This means in a double sense: Red alert for liberty!

We are on the threshold of a dark age, and I promise you that as a member of the EU Parliament and the AfD party, I will continue to do everything in my power to prevent a slide into this diabolical abyss of arbitrariness, lack of freedom and governmental omnipotence.

Kind regards,

Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)


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