21. August 2022

That's how it works: Rip-Off of citizens by politics & big industry

That's how it works: Rip-Off of citizens by politics & big industry

Dear fellow citizens,

Last week I reported on my social media channels about how the media-political complex is constantly trying to convince us that Corona and the war in Ukraine are to blame for the fact that our economy is going downhill, while at the same time energy and consumer prices are hitting the roof.

In reality, however, it is the completely exaggerated Corona coercive measures and the government's stubborn adherence to ineffective sanctions that are not doing much except harming ourselves. Added to this is years of disastrous monetary policy by the ECB, which led to price increases and a significant rise in inflation even before the Ukraine conflict began.

But when – at the same time all this is happening – international energy companies like Shell, Total or Eni are raking in huge billions of profits in the second quarter of 2022 alone, there is something wrong with the story that politicians and the media are trying to persuade us to believe. Rather, it smells like a large-scale rip-off of citizens and taxpayers.

Appropriately, REWE's head of the purchasing department (REWE is one of the largest supermarket chains in Germany), Hans-Jürgen Moog, spoke out in an interview a few days ago, accusing food manufacturers of driving up prices. He literally says: "It is the rule that the German consumer is to be the first and most heavily cashed in by the corporations. The manufacturers say quite openly: The German customer will put up with this"

The manager cites the example of a manufacturer who is planning a price increase of six percent in France, while the figure in Germany is just about 30 percent. "Although the same raw materials are used and the products come from the same production facilities," Moog says. The REWE Group has a good insight into the European markets and thus also into the issue of pricing, he points out.

I would like to take this opportunity to expressly thank Mr. Moog for his courage in venturing out of the woods this far - especially in regard to his exposed position - and openly expressing what we citizens have already been suspecting for such a long time.

No matter where you look, it's always the same: the government and the political establishment (intentionally or out of stupidity) create one catastrophe after another, while the mainstream media largely provide the appropriate rent-a-scribe reporting to further pull the wool over the citizens' eyes.

And so the German government and the ailing German energy company Uniper recently agreed on a rescue package worth billions. Of course, we, the citizens, are once again footing the bill. By the way, did we ever get a few bucks back when business was still good?

A piquant detail of this arrangement is that Uniper has been majority-owned by the Finnish stock corporation Fortum since March 2020. And do you know who is part of the supervisory board there?

Philipp Rösler - former German Federal Minister of Health and EX-Federal Minister of Economics!

And it gets even better: from 2014 to 2017, Rösler was managing director and board member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland.

I think we can stop at this point at the latest and need not ask any more questions.

None at all? Yes, there is! There is one last question that needs to be answered:
How long can we citizens still afford this government?

I'm afraid we're soon in for a boiling hot political fall and winter, despite cold homes, power shutoffs, and a financial ice age, at the latest with the return of the Corona coercive measures.

But one thing is just as certain: We will stand strong and hold the responsible actors accountable. Because the next election is coming for sure. And in the meantime, the streets will be the place where politics will recognize us! Whether they want to or not!

Kind regards,
Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)

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