11. July 2022

Visit of Mrs. Semexant and Mr. Kim Tsoj

Visit of Mrs. Semexant and Mr. Kim Tsoj

Do you remember Mr. Kim Tsoj from Montreal, who came to visit me two weeks ago completely unexpectedly with a big bouquet of flowers at the EU Parliament in Brussels, to thank me for my support of the Canadian Freedom Truckers?

This week we met again - this time together with Ms. Veronique Semexant, who is also connected with the organizers of the Canadian Freedom Convoy. The three of us had an extensive video interview and this much I can already reveal:

I was very pleased having the opportunity to sign the two petitions that the two brought to our meeting.

What are they about? Freedom and justice for the freedom activists and organizers of the Canadian Freedom Convoy, Tamara Lich, Pat King and Chris Barber, who are currently still being held in custody by the Canadian authorities.

More on this next week in my video with my highly appreciated Canadian guests Kim Tsoj and Veronique Semexant!

Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)


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