4. July 2022

POST-VAC Flight Risks - Are You Safe on Board a Plane?

POST-VAC Flight Risks - Are You Safe on Board a Plane?

The EMA database of the European Medicines Agency records a very high increase in reported suspected cases of side effects and deaths for the experimental COVID "vaccine". While politicians and the media are still largely turning a blind eye and no meaningful data collection is being carried out, a very special risk group is now coming into focus: pilots and flight attendants!

So far, it appears only in marginal notes in the mainstream media that flights are being canceled because of alleged staff shortages at airlines and airports.

Only one aspect of this is the withdrawal of personnel who did not want to submit to a vaccination regime and therefore moved to other industries and are now no longer available for flight operations.

But even those who complied with the vaccination campaign are probably already being caught up in the consequences of their decision. This is particularly relevant for pilots.

These may become permanently unfit to fly due to the side effects and become a risk to the entire air traffic. If you imagine that the pilot of a fully occupied jumbo jet suffers heart problems or a circulatory collapse during the approach to a major city airport, you can see how the previous personal risk of an individual suddenly becomes a potential danger for everyone.

For this important and so far not publicly discussed topic area, I would like to urgently bring about the necessary attention and clarify with international experts which distortions the COVID vaccination campaign has triggered and will continue to trigger, especially in the flight sector.

Look forward to my event, which will take place tomorrow on 05.07.2022 at 19:30 (CET) in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg with speeches by Philipp Kruse (lawyer, LLM.), representatives of "Airliners for Humanity" and "Navigants Libres". This will be followed by a question - answer session.

You can also participate via live stream using this link:

I am looking forward to your numerous interest!

Kind regards,

Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (AfD)


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