31. October 2022

YouTube didn't want you to see this!

YouTube didn't want you to see this!

Dear fellow citizens,

My persistent work in the EU Parliament and its committees now seems to be a thorn in the side of certain players in the background ❗️ In today's post, I would therefore like to make public for the first time the legal battles I have fought with YouTube in recent weeks to save my MEP account there from arbitrary censorship and permanent deletion.

➡️ About 6 weeks ago I published on YouTube my video from the official EU-COVID special committee, where I together with my colleagues from #TeamFreedom put the representative of AstraZeneca under so much pressure by asking questions, that apart from endless stuttering nothing more could be heard from her. In doing so, I probably stepped on the toes of some of the background actors way too much:

➡️ Only a few days later, the video was suddenly deleted from YouTube. Reason: alleged "medical misinformation". At the same time, I received a 1st warning and was not allowed to post any new content on my channel for one week. [Link]

➡️ Shortly after, another, already somewhat older video from the EU-COVID special committee was "discovered" and also deleted for so-called "medical misinformation", incl. 2nd warning and posting ban for 14 days. [Link]

➡️ Now YouTube informed me that they would delete my account completely and permanently if they found one more "inappropriate" video on my channel.

➡️ At this point I had to activate my lawyers. YT was ordered to restore the videos in both cases, as well as withdraw the warnings. In addition, YT should disclose its definitions of "medical misinformation".

➡️ Now it got really exciting. Two days after the first lawyer's letter arrived at YT, all of a sudden - and as if by magic - the corresponding video was back online and the associated warning disappeared.

➡️ A few days later, directly after arrival of the second lawyer's letter, the other video was then also available again and the second warning was also withdrawn.

➡️ It is interesting that YT has not commented on this incident until today. No explanation, no apology, no information. From the outside, everything appears as if nothing had ever happened. Only by the strongly different viewing numbers between German and English version it can still be recognized that the German versions of these videos must have been blocked in the meantime. But that was not the end of the story.

➡️ On 19.10.2022 the video of the latest press conference of #TeamFreedom followed. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla had previously refused to appear in front of the Special Committee, SMS text messages between him and EU Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen had disappeared, and the EU Public Prosecutor's Office had begun investigating the EU vaccine contracts. [Link]

➡️ Result: YT immediately blocked the entire video of the press conference and warned me again for an alleged "violation of the community guidelines", including a new posting ban.

➡️ Two days later, YT suddenly rowed back. Even before a third letter from my lawyers reached the company, the video of the press conference had been put back online overnight and the associated warning had been removed.

➡️ These multiple blockings and threats will probably not be a coincidence. Especially since they started right at that moment, when with the total failure of the AstraZeneca representative at the Special Committee, the official Corona narrative of politics and media started to collapse.

After months of persistent pressure from me and my colleagues of #TeamFreedom within the EU Special Committee - now even the EU Public Prosecutor's Office has become active - it seems that YT may no longer be willing to catch a falling knife and put the previously deleted video of the press conference back online as a precaution. Intransparency and obfuscation are not only found within the power circles of the EU, but also in the corporate culture of globally operating media platforms. It is precisely this elitist politico-media complex that is hostile to us citizens, our freedom and democracy as a whole.

I will be happy to report on further interesting developments on this topic to you, dear readers, here in the coming days.

By the way, you can watch the videos that were affected by the YT censorship here:

Link 1: https://youtu.be/C93HlZ5WVuc
Link 2: https://youtu.be/GFhGXaUBy5M
Link 3: https://youtu.be/fTuGXWBv5JY


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